Experienced Dog Grooming Professionals

No matter what breed you have, everyone benefits from quality dog grooming. In fact, a regular grooming schedule from Allen's Pet Resort, will improve your pet's overall health. Your pet will also feel better with us because we offer a You-Bathe station. This station helps you—the owner—bathe your companions, which helps decrease stress and improve grooming results.

We Use All Natural Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, All Natural Shampoos.


Canine Style and  Looks

Our dog and options include:

• Shampooing
• Nail Trimming
• Ear Cleaning
• De-Shedding
• Blow-Drying and Brushing

• Hair Cut/Trim

Grooming School

In addition to our grooming options, our center hosts a pet grooming school. We are a Licensed Grooming School. 

Contact us for stylish dog grooming services.