Kindhearted Dog and Cat Boarding Near Micke Grove Park Between Stockton And Lodi

When you are away, give your pet the best dog and cat boarding services possible through Allen's Pet Resort in near Micke Grove Park between Stockton and Lodi. We provide personalized pet-care options that are based on your pet's individual needs. We also never charge extra for medication services or for using your own food, and we always make sure dogs receive exercise twice a day. That's why so many of our customers trust and continue to depend on our boarding services for quality pet care.


With five park-like acres, two expansive, 1,000-square-foot, fenced-in yards for recreation and exercise, and indoor and outdoor runs, our family-owned, ranch-style resort is perfect for your dogs. Our loving staff also helps make us perfect for cats.


Our heated and air-conditioned, sanitary rooms are inviting and comfortable. This makes us the perfect choice for any season. It also makes our kennels a great choice for day care, one of our many boarding options.

The Specialized Care

Special attention is available for dogs and cats on medication or on a special diet. In addition to this, we host a "Fat Farm" for overweight dogs. This option and our other care services include daily walks as well as runs, romps, and play in the training field. Please know that play sessions maybe be subject to additional charges.


Pricing on a daily basis with 11 am checkout time, m-saturday- early checkout does not apply to sundays. All exceptions are posted in the office, and a complimentary bath is included with any 10-day stay.


A written and veterinarian-signed proof of vaccinations is required for admittance to our resort. Required vaccinations include:


• Combo Vaccine—DA2LP+PV • Rabies • Bordetella—Kennel Cough


• Feline Leukemia • Rabies • Feline Distemper

Contact us for all of your dog and cat boarding needs.